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Honey in its purest

eventful 2008…………………….

looking back 2008, it was really quite an evenful year for me. i guess i will write more in detail as the year draw to a close. meanwhile here is a clip extracted from part of the episode, “Find Me A Singaporean” where a filming crew came here to do a filmage on my life and work here.

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honey in its purest form…………………….

honey in its purest form

honey harvesting is round the corner again. we will be preparing for the dry season to come in gulu. i have discovered a lot of people are into raw, pure honey nowadays. but in actual fact have you ever seen how pure, raw honey looks like? the above picture shows me holding a comb of honey that had just been pulled out from the bee hive. pure honey do not go thru any processing. we simply uncapped the wax that is sealing the honey. after which we will simply let the honey drip thru a filter over night. well this is honey in its purest form.

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