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house cleaning…………………….


Black gooey substances on top super of hive - Propolis

since half of the colony had left for a new home, i have decided to do some house cleaning. i need to reduce the size of the hive by taking away the top super. you see, bees are very sensible insects. if they discover that their home is too big for the family, they will look for another home that is suitable for their size. so since the colony had shrunk, i have to reduce the size of their home to make it more cosy for them. this way, the house bee will not complain of too much work less they will be stressed out soon.

Meanwhile can you see the black gooey substance that is sticking on the top of the beehive? well they are call “Propolis”. there are a lot of write ups about propolis when you google. you will be amazed by its potency in your findings. i collect these propolis and turn them into tintures, paste and cream. it fetches quite a high price in the market.


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  1. Where can I buy propolis in the USA

    Comment by Helen Verburg | April 27, 2012 | Reply

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